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Plus près de toi que tu ne l’es toi-même


 (Closer to you than you are yourself)

Text and music by Laurent Mettraux

Presentation, audio recording and score excerpts



original text in French



Exalted, celebrated, glorified, magnified from all Eternity !

O You, have mercy upon us in your great mercifulness !

O You, Master of our strength, Rock of our shelter,

Shield of our salvation, You protect us !

You have arranged the rays of the sun and fixed the stars.

Every being, every thing, sings to your almightiness !


O You who is eternal, You love us of an infinite love.

O You who is Wisdom, You have for us an immense and excessive tenderness.


Love is the Name which is given Him…

No other Name is more suitable for Him,

So precious is love,

So beautiful is love.

He does nothing but loving.


The Merciful One sustains all those that fall,

The Sympathetic One straightens all those that are bended,

He satisfies as one could wish everything that has life.

There is no hunger, there is no thirst for the one having confidence in Him.

He listens to the one that suffers adversity,

His heart is compassionate for the one that calls upon Him…


You are my companion ;

Where ever my path goes,

You hold my hand and guide me.


You are my only sustainer,

Ceaselessly on my side, carrying my yoke

On the road where I walk along…


When I loose my way while walking,

You make me find again the Way,

You encourage me and convince me to go further.

And now, I am penetrated and surrounded by Your joy.


Each moment, each day are blessed.

You penetrate each moment of my life,

You transform my hopes and my occupations…

Your love, without cease, fills my heart.


Here is the One coming to enlighten the world

To appease the multitudes

And to offer them happiness and support.


Here is the One that has an infinitely more greater love

Then the love of a father and a mother for their child,

The One that loves without discrimination

And embraces with His compassion all living beings.


My delights surpass

For you all other delights…

The pleasures I give you

Surpass all other pleasures…

I am the Beauty, am I the Grace,

Love me, my Beloved,

Love me…


No one is closer to you than Me.

While the others love you

In order to love themselves through you,

Myself, I love you for yourself.

If you get close to Me,

It’s because I’ve come to you…


I am closer to you than you are yourself,

Closer to you than your soul,

Closer to you than your breath…




Laurent Mettraux


The texts used are taken from the Yotser (Jewish blessing from the VIII. Century, after Isaiah 45:7), from the Ahava (other Jewish blessing), from the Cherubinischer Wandersmann by Angelus Silesius, from Psalm 145, from the Gospel according to the tradition of John, from the great Hymn to the Sun (written at the time of Amenemhat II), from two poems by Toukaram, from the Ekottarâgamasûtra, the Great Sûtra of Infinite Life (Dai-Muryojukyo), the Sûtra of the Contemplation of Infinite Life (Kan-Muryojukyo), and from a mystical poem by IbnArabi.