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« He is part of a new generation of musicians grown weary of formal researches, who return to the expression of their personality in contempt of the vanguards, and resort to tonality whenever they want to. » (Jean-Jacques Roth, Le Nouveau Quotidien, March 3rd, 1993)



« What strikes the listener in Laurent Mettraux’ work is the sense of construction, as well architectured as implacable. […] In the great majority, instrumentalists declare being very receptive to his music. » (Antoine Pecqueur, Revue Musicale de Suisse Romande, September 2007)



« The highly and subtly lyrical music of the second Trio (1996) by Laurent Mettraux ! A really rare music, narrative to the utmost, that lays out a way of poetry filled with passions and illuminations […] a striking language. » (Bernard Sansonnens, La Liberté, February 21st, 2000)



« The public has discovered with astonishment the very beautiful Concerto for 15 soloist strings by Laurent Mettraux. […] This work is very modern as well as very classical, perfectly harmonious. » (Vincent Pellegrini, Le Nouvelliste, July 14th, 1994)



« It is a music made of strong atmospheres, of dramatical and meditating aspects. There is something authentically and deeply romantic in this first symphony. There cannot be found anything artificial in the writing manner of Laurent Mettraux. » (Emmanuel Siffert, La Liberté, October 16th, 1999)



« Out of a deep harmony emerge forces that will stretch the phrase up to its climax. […] There is a real talent in this language, that affects by the strength of its conviction. » (Patrice Borcard, La Gruyère, July 18th, 2000)



« The first performance of the work “Gethsemané” by the 24 year old high talented composer Laurent Mettraux from Fribourg constituted a high point. The work pictures in a subtle dramatical way the arrest of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. » (pof, Der Bund, March 29th, 1994)



 « The Symphony for chamber orchestra is a work that speaks both to the heart and to the mind. A warm lyricism imbibes this score enriched by instrumental solos of unquestionable attraction. The revelation of a real talent. » (Yves Allaz, Journal de Genève, March 3rd, 1993)



« Laurent Mettraux is one of the most promising young Swiss composers. He is already the author of an important and diversified work, interpreted all around the world by famous ensembles. The Organ Concerto, first performed in December 2003 for the inauguration of the new great organ of the Lausanne Cathedral, impresses by its expressiveness and meditative depth. It evokes numerous connections of ideas: one thinks he perceives a “growl from heavens” in the powerful tremolos of the organ and the orchestra, the trombones of the Last Judgment resound dramatically and the heavens seems to open in the ethereal sonorities of the Vox coelestis stop. » (Renate Herklotz, Program book of the 229th season of the Gewandhaus, 2009/10)



« It is to be said that this work [Suite for three flutes] is one of the most impressive Swiss first performances that I’ve heard for a long time : rich, amazing, full of an emotion accessible to all and reaching a depth and a sincerity of all instants. » (Alexandre Traube, l’Express, April 26th, 2007)



« A composer of a new generation attracts the attention: Laurent Mettraux of Fribourg. His work “Ombre” is freed from the vanguards. It shows a strong, rather intuitive talent. » (Simone Mahrenholz, Die Welt, October 20th,1999)



« Among the composers of the younger generation, Laurent Mettraux reaches with “Traces gravées dans le Sable” an aesthetic extreme position. Mettraux understands the six miniatures as meditations on texts taken from the Buddhist Chan tradition. His work flows slowly and softly, in a slight expressive tension, going through magnificent sonorities : really a music, at the listening of which one has to close the eyes. » (Thomas Schacher, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, September 11th, 2009)



« Mettraux's Symphony for Chamber Orchestra is a powerful 18-minute tragic episode masterfully developed, and there is good reason why it has won prizes. » (Robert Benson,, January 2010)



« What an admirable variety of sensitive, moving expressions, fed with poetry, emanates from the Paremboles by Laurent Mettraux ! […] Soft dream strands, in a perfect musical cohesion, together with a rare beauty of tones. » (Bernard Sansonnens, La Liberté, October 26th, 1998)



« Today, his music corresponds to the expectations of the interpreters as well as of the institutions. It benefits by the traditions as well as it reflects the individuality of its conceptor, who vindicates by means of it the right to move freely. » (Dominique Rosset, L’Hebdo, August 3rd, 2000)



« In Stèles, five short piano pieces after poems by Victor Segalen, Laurent Mettraux shows an outstanding knowledge of historical musical forms. » (Tobias Rothfahl, dissonance, March 2011)